Create nutrient-rich soil out of your organic food waste. Sounds pretty cool right? You may already know that this is referred to as composting. What if we told you that we just made composting easier than ever before? With Earth 2 Earth Compost Pail, people can compost kitchen scraps and small yard trimmings with a 5-gallon compost bin.

Composting Made Easy

The importance and wide array of benefits that come from yard and kitchen waste compost are often overshadowed by the time-consuming process it takes to do so; therefore, we have created a truly revolutionary product that makes composting simple and fun. While reducing the amount of pollution added into the environment and helping recycle existing waste, compost helps your plants grow better and gives back to the land. As much more than just a straightforward way to reuse your organic food scraps, our small composter can change the way the world composts organic kitchen scraps and can help save the planet. Please no meat, no dairy, and no processed foods.

Our Mission

Our mission, by redesigning your typical composter, is to bring you a patent-pending, cutting-edge product made for easier and faster home composting of organic kitchen scraps and small garden trimmings. Small, portable, lightweight, and easy to use, our composter is affordable for any household on the planet. No batteries, no filters, no chemicals, and no plastic bags. Ours is all-natural and comes assembled and ready to use.

Our goal is for you to be happy with your purchase while giving back to the land we all depend on. We hope you get excited about the endless benefits of composting, and begin to educate your friends, family, and neighbors about why they should compost too. We make it easy for everyone to do their part and help save the environment. Get your rotating composter today.

Earth 2 Earth is an American company. All of our composting pails are handmade in Maryland.