Recycling and composting are two great ways to keep materials out of landfills, minimizing one’s environmental impact. But is one necessarily better than the other? We will dive into that question and more in this blog post.


This involves taking manufactured products that might otherwise be considered waste and converting them into a new use. As explained by SFGate, recycling allows those products to be broken down into raw materials again. Recycling can be accomplished on either a city-wide or individual basis. Keep in mind that when consumers purchase recycled products, the environment reaps the benefits. This is because less energy goes into the creation of products from recycled materials as opposed to products manufactured from raw materials being used for the first time.

Environmental Benefits

Consider that when more folks recycle, less space is taken up at the landfill. Increased recycling also allows us to hold back on extracting precious raw materials such as trees and minerals, for example.


Now that we’ve touched on recycling, let’s dig a little deeper into composting. This process turns the organic waste one creates into a useful product. When materials such as organic food waste and small yard trimmings come together with air and water, the process of decomposition takes place. You may remember from science class that compost provides a nice boost for plants, soil, and other gardening purposes. Similar to recycling, composting can take place at the individual level all the way up the municipal level.

Environmental Benefits

Essentially, composting gives back to the earth from which its basic materials came. From soil enrichment and remediation to erosion control, it’s safe to say that Mother Nature appreciates composting.   

About Our Rotating Composter

At Earth 2 Earth, we’re all about reducing, reusing, and recycling. With that comes the countless benefits of composting. For years, homeowners were forced to either go outside into the dark corners of the yard or bring their scraps to a composting yard. Neither was all that practical. But Earth 2 Earth is changing the game with our rotating composter. Its revolutionary, cutting edge design makes for a faster, more convenient way to compost those organic kitchen scraps and small yard cuttings.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make their own compost, regardless of the size of their living space or previous experience.

How Our Compost Kitchen Bin is Different

Our team at Earth 2 Earth uses a patent-pending revolutionary design. When we initially created our 5-gallon compost bin, we wanted to make composting safe, fun, and easy. By using the highest-quality materials, we bring you a composter that’s unlike anything else on the market. Simple, flexible, and reusable, it’s an absolute must-buy for those in apartments, townhomes, and other small spaces.

Customers appreciate that our rotating composter requires no batteries, filters, chemicals, or plastic bags. There’s no assembly required, either, so you can start using your small composter the second you receive it. Made in the USA, our pail is simple enough to be used by the novice. Should you not be satisfied with your product, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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